Main Industries We Serve

Due to our reliability, efficiency and quality services Ocean Power Trading Est. enjoys the trust of many prominent institutional clients across the country who are the top beneficiaries of Ocean Power’s vast distribution network and services and whose back up and services have inspired Ocean Power Trading to keep on renewing its service concepts and therefore aim to create Perfection.

Our Customer Base includes the following

Navy, Military & Defense

We are specialized in procuring the Navy, Military and Defense parts, materials, components and hardware.

Seaports & Airports

Ocean Power has proven to be efficient and reliable at a variety of Seaport and Airport projects, from regular maintenance to new construction and expansion.


All aerospace electronic, mechanical and structural components and parts (including fasteners, hydraulics, electronics, avionics and etc.)

Government Ministries and Agencies

Ocean Power is the ideal partner for maintaining high standards of procurement for Government Ministries and Agencies.


Ocean Power is the leading auto parts retailer. You’ll always find the best parts, great customer service and the right price. Ocean Power is your source for quality automotive parts, advice and accessories for all kinds of military and commercial vehicles.

Oil Refinery & Energy Companies

Ocean Power partners with Oil Refinery & Energy Companies to repair and maintain infrastructure properties for safe and efficient operation. In addition to supplying materials and maintenance.


Regardless of the industry associated with electronic requirements, our teams of experienced procurement executives are capable of taking on the tasks and delivering the needed components in a timely manner.


Ocean Power provides maintenance and mechanic services through our licensed and insured, in house mechanics and technicians. Ocean Power also provides for thousands of parts and accessories for sailboats, powerboats and marines.

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We strive to provide Our Customers with Top Notch Support to make their Experience Wonderful
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