Ocean Power Trading Est.

Ocean Power Trading Est. procures in Saudi Arabia and abroad military items primarily for the needs and requirements of the Saudi Naval Forces and moreover for associated NATO members. Our extensive experience and high quality standards have made us a reliable partner of the Saudi Navy procurement organizations and its decentral subsidiaries.

One of our specialties is the international procurement of spare parts and components for air-crafts, but also naval and commercial used items, mainly from France, United Kingdom and the United States.

We “Ocean Power Trading” is the only official dealer of Marine Travelift parts in Saudi Arabia.

Marine Travelift is the world’s premier and most experienced manufacturer of boat handling equipment. They offer the most complete product line in the industry, including mobile boat hoists (15-1,500 metric ton capacity and greater), self-propelled transporters, and marine forklifts.

Main Industries We Serve

Due to our reliability, efficiency and quality services Ocean Power Trading Est. enjoys the trust of many prominent institutional clients across the country who are the top beneficiaries of Ocean Power’s vast distribution network and services and whose back up and services have inspired Ocean Power Trading to keep on renewing its service concepts and therefore aim to create Perfection.

Our Customer Base includes the following

Navy, Military & Defense

Seaports & Airports


Ministries and Agencies


Oil Refinery & Energy



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